SunTec’s catalyst project awarded at TM Forum, Nice

SunTec’s catalyst project awarded at TM Forum, Nice

SunTec’s revenue management and business assurance product suite Xelerate used to demonstrate the monetisation of an NFV ecosystem

June, 2014: SunTec, as part of the NFV Management Ecosystem project, won the “Greatest Adoption of Frameworx” award from TM forum along with the project champions and other participants. TM Forum announced the Catalyst Award winners at TM Forum Live! on June 5th at Nice. The Catalyst was awarded for producing the most effective implementation of TM Forum Frameworx in use, demonstrating the value of the assets and encouraging wider industry adoption.

SunTec worked with AT &T and Telecom Italia and several vendors in the NFV Management Ecosystem catalyst. Exploring the new ETSI-led MANO standard, the Catalyst tested the new protocols designed to allow core network functions and service control functions AAA, PCRF and PCEF out of proprietary hardware and software. The catalyst enabled real-time, dynamic management of capacity, performance, quality of service and SLAs, with real-time billing and compensation using SunTec’s product suite Xelerate.

“Congratulations to all of our Catalyst Award winners. Their hard work is a testament to the dedication and leadership of our members. Our Catalyst program showcases the unique, agile and collaborative nature of the Forum and is an outstanding example of how industry players can work together to solve some of their most difficult business and IT challenges in today’s digital world”, said Nik Willetts, Chief Strategy Officer, TM Forum.

“We are pleased about the recognition our project received from TM Forum and how our work has encouraged the adoption of Frameworx. SunTec team will continue to create innovative solutions in Catalyst projects to address the critical challenges posed by the digital revolution. Our product Xelerate Digital Services is built specifically to cater to the orchestration and monetisation needs of the open digital economy" quotes Mr. K Nanda Kumar, Founder and CEO, SunTec Business Solutions.