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Digital and Communications Services

The complex connectivity introduced by exponentially growing smart devices has created a new dimension for the industry. There is stiff competition with little differentiation amongst CSPs who have been delivering traditional voice and data services. It is the need of the hour for CSPs to develop and launch innovative digital services, quickly, by partnering with multiple industries and OTT players. Capturing new revenue sources will enable CSPs to stand apart from their competitors.


Preventing revenue erosion from traditional services by effectively monetising digital services

Increasing demand for flexible service bundling across multiple systems makes business assurance difficult. With huge challenges from over-the-top (OTT) services, CSPs are challenged to efficiently manage and monetise machine-to-machine (M2M) and other digital investments. Unless they come up with a good solution, they will face further revenue leakage and erosion in the average revenue per user (ARPU). Read more.

14.9 mn
in annual revenue benefits for one of our clients

The Digital Revolution

Effectively manage and monetise digital services

Tony Sceales speaks about SunTec and digital services

A single system to manage end-to-end digital services ecosystem of newer services and more complex partnerships

CSPs need to support a wide range of digital offerings to meet the demands of consumers today. They need to collaborate with multiple players such as content creators, OTT players, digital service providers amongst others. CSPs need a single point of contact for managing the lifecycle of partners and their products though effective multi-partner revenue management system. Read more.

Practical approach to become agile

Case study

The 2nd Largest Content Provider in India

Manage end-to-end digital service ecosystem

service provider partners added in less than a year for an innovative player

Regulate the network usage of free services and prevent fraud to reduce revenue leakage

Without an effective business assurance solution, it will be a struggle for CSPs to accurately measure the quality of customer experience delivered by their digital services. The technical teams are ill-equipped to reliably monitor the network usage of free OTT services making it impossible to regulate data usage, identify fraudulent customers and reduce revenue leakage. Read more.

20 mn
revenue leakages plugged for an enterprise
Case study

The Largest MSO in Americas

Control real-time network usage

SunTec supports multi-partner revenue management

Delay in launching new services results in revenue loss and customer churn

To prevent customer churn, CSPs need to consistently launch new services quickly into the market. The existing legacy systems of the CSPs’ infrastructure are built for traditional services like voice, text and data with limited scope for changes and addition of services. CSPs need a flexible and economically scalable revenue management solution, which can integrate easily with their existing legacy infrastructure and new partner systems requiring minimal modifications. Read more

SunTec enables total control of services

Case study

The 2nd Largest Content Provider in India

Agile and flexible platform to improve time to market

products with Xelerate in a year compared to 20 before