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Control the Digital Services Ecosystem

A single system to manage end-to-end digital services ecosystem of newer services and complex partnerships

service provider partners added in less than a year for an innovative player

Communications service providers (CSPs) need to support a wide range of digital offerings to meet the demands of consumers today. They need to collaborate with multiple players such as content creators and digital service providers. They also need to partner with other industries like banking, insurance, healthcare and automotive to provide more connected digital services opportunities applying innovative business models.

CSPs need to track the numerous partner offerings, performance of each subscriber offering and the profitability of each service. This is a huge challenge as the information exists within different external partner systems. Joint offerings further compound these challenges creating revenue recognition issues as portions of their revenue have to be distributed to multiple partners. Net settlement in real time becomes the focus instead of batch monthly billing.

Regain full visibility and control with SunTec’s multi- partner revenue management solution

Xelerate Digital Services acts at the heart of the complex digital ecosystem connecting all the partner systems with the CSPs’ existing systems wherever this is needed. SunTec’s revenue management product suite, Xelerate, is based on a service oriented architecture (SOA) with standard APIs that allows it to easily integrate with existing systems including legacy systems and new partner systems.

Xelerate is an open system capable of sharing metadata with different systems and consolidating information from all of them, providing CSPs with a 360-degree view of both customer and product data in real time across the digital ecosystem. It enables dynamic context-based pricing and offer management across the enterprise and to individual consumers, maximising ARPU, building customer loyalty and reducing churn.

Xelerate Digital Services enables CSPs to have a single point of control for managing the lifecycle of partners and their products through an effective multi-partner revenue management system. Some of the advantages of implementing Xelerate are:

End-to-end convergent charging and billing
Customer-centric revenue management
Flexible pricing and billing solutions for all digital services
Partner management and settlement

SunTec supports multi-partner revenue management

Please contact SunTec to find out how CSPs can achieve 360-degree customer view and real-time multi-partner revenue management using an integrated revenue and customer management system.