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Monetise Digital Services

Preventing revenue erosion from traditional services by effectively monetising digital services

14.9 mn
in annual revenue benefits for one of our clients

Multi device digital services are increasingly driving decisions by customers evaluating their choice of communication service providers (CSP). Modern consumers expect to purchase and subscribe to premium digital services like smart home, connected car, remote healthcare and mobile payment. CSPs need to be able to rapidly build, test and scale the new services without risking their traditional revenue flows.

Increasing demand for flexible service bundling across multiple systems makes business assurance difficult. With huge challenges from over-the-top (OTT) services, CSPs are challenged to efficiently manage and monetise machine-to-machine (M2M) and other digital investments. Unless they come up with a good solution, they will face further revenue leakage and erosion in the average revenue per user (ARPU).

Xelerate Digital Services monetises any new digital service and improves business process flows to reduce revenue leakage

Xelerate is built on an industry-agnostic platform specifically to support the monetisation of business models from any industry including healthcare, banking, utilities, transportation and automotive. Rich functionalities of the product enable CSPs to orchestrate and monetise any new digital service along with traditional services, seamlessly bundling these. This makes partnership very attractive to OTT players who need access to the billions of wallets controlled by the CSPs worldwide.

Xelerate Digital Services enables CSPs to gain access to all information transferred over the value chain in real time, helping them to make quick analytics-driven decisions. It also provides context-sensitive offers to customers, helping them improve customer retention and ARPU.

Xelerate Digital Services has helped some of the world’s largest CSPs to improve the performance levels of their critical business processes by providing:

Greater control over services value chain
End-to-end partner management
Partner settlement & assurance
Complex Product and Service lifecycle management
Real-time offer management

Tony Sceales speaks about SunTec and digital services

Please contact SunTec for more information on how Xelerate Digital Services supports CSPs to achieve a competitive edge in monetising innovative digital technologies.