Monetise the connected digital world

Monetise the connected digital world

As the connected digital ecosystem evolves, everything – right from phones to buildings, from man to machines, from home to enterprises, everything is going to be connected. With more digital services and convergence, there will be very less demarcation between homes and offices, and phones and TVs, workplace and home. Hence any new technology that supports the connected digital world, should have the capability to handle all the different ecosystems – the consumer, the home, the workplace and the enterprise itself.

Based on this philosophy, SunTec built its new product suite Xelerate Digital Services – which is a converged, industry agnostic platform that can orchestrate any transaction, monetise any service, and provides an integrated environment with a single point of control for the digital and communications service providers to manage the ecosystem.

Xelerate is a rule-based configurable business rule platform with which we can configure rules to orchestrate and monetise any transaction and from any device. Key capabilities of Xelerate which makes it ideal for the connected digital world:

  • Support for different business models

Each industry will have its own business model and therefore unique pricing models will be required. Xelerate is capable of supporting non-traditional pricing models like pay per click, pay per view, pay per event, pay per download, etc.

  • High volume transaction processing ability

The number of connected devices is expected to grow from 9 billion in 2012 to 24 billion by 2020. A large portion of this growth will be attributed to the digital connected lifestyle and the “internet of things”. All of these new connections will lead to a very large volume of transactions to be processed

  • Performing Real-time Data analytics

For an enhanced digital lifestyle, each and every transaction has to be analysed through correlation/regression to generate a meaningful action event in real- time

  • Seamless integration with existing systems

The enablement platform should be an open system capable of sharing data and metadata to the current systems of the CSPs. It should seamlessly integrate with the CRM, ERP and the billing systems

  • Flexible architecture to add new partners quickly

The platform should have a flexible architecture to add and integrate new partners quickly into the ecosystem. Inflexible systems will delay the launch of new services which will result in the loss of potential revenue

  • Economically scalable

Given the volatility and unpredictable nature of digital service uptake, traditional cost and operations models for BSS platforms are often going to be unsuitable for the new order – as with other IT purchasing, very efficient cost per transaction/service will be required.

Please contact SunTec to find out more about how Xelerate, the revenue management and business assurance platform, can benefit you.