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Regulate Real-time Network Usage

Regulate the network usage of free services and prevent fraud to reduce revenue leakage

20 mn
Revenue leakages plugged for an enterprise

Machine- to-machine (M2M) services in energy, healthcare, security, transport and over- the-top (OTT) services like Youtube, Facebook and Netflix are rapidly driving network usage with no additional revenues. With the advent of Internet of Things and the digital revolution, the network usage is estimated to increase tremendously in the coming years.

Without an effective business assurance solution, it will be a struggle for CSPs to accurately measure the quality of customer experience delivered by their digital services. The technical teams are ill-equipped to reliably monitor the network usage of free OTT services making it impossible to regulate data usage, identify fraudulent customers and reduce revenue leakage.

Xelerate helps CSPs regulate customer activity and prevent fraud through real-time policy management

Xelerate Digital Services comes with real-time policy management integrated with convergent charging and billing. This enables the CSPs to effectively track and manage network usage by the customers and the different OTT services in real time. Xelerate helps improve customer experience by providing real-time usage information and alerts and notifications to customers on attaining a predefined threshold.

Xelerate Digital Services enables CSPs to create policy rules to effectively regulate customer activity and identify high bandwidth usage in real time. It also enables service providers to implement a fair usage policy to prevent hogging of the network by an individual or service.

Xelerate provides CSPs with performance and profitability views of all products and services helping them use the best pricing strategy for their digital services. Xelerate also enables:

Automated customer dialogue for up- sell
Bill shock prevention
Real-time identification of fraudulent usage
Segment, subscriber or digital services-based bandwidth allocation
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SunTec enables total control of services

Please contact SunTec to know more about how a real-time business assurance infrastructure can improve customer experience, regulate customer activity and reduce revenue leakage.