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Rising customer expectations and the advent of non-banking alternatives have made it essential for financial institutions to shift from the traditional approaches to a more complex customer-centric model. A new environment empowered by real-time information systems has the potential to form a virtuous cycle, satisfying and securing customers while improving product and service offerings.

Regain customer trust by enhancing quality of service and by providing greater transparency of fees and charges

The reputation of financial institutions is still recovering following the financial crisis. They are being criticised for poor risk management and are struggling to regain the goodwill of their customers. Financial institutions need a system with built-in business assurance to provide the much needed transparency of fees and charges to drive customer trust and also enhance the quality of service. Read more.

new customers brought onboard in less than 6 months for an African bank
Case study

A Top Bank In the Netherlands

Greater transparency leads to enhanced customer trust

A top bank in the Netherlands discusses experience with SunTec

Say farewell to risky and lengthy transformation while reaping immediate benefits and over 3 times the ROI

Banks today are spending millions of dollars in core banking transformation initiatives to gain agility, cost-effectiveness, flexibility and scalability needed for future growth. Most of these transformation efforts end up being a technological refresh of the legacy infrastructure. Given the scale, cost, duration and risk involved in these transformation exercises it is imperative that banks formulate and drive these exercises with the focus on the end-goal of an agile and flexible IT infrastructure that enhances customer experience. Read more.

Trends in financial services industry by CEB Tower Group

Case study

The Largest Bank in Africa

Avoid risky transformation by supplementing core banking

breakeven for the largest bank in South East Asia

Transform wealth of customer data residing with you to valuable information

Banks have a wealth of customer and transaction data. However, they are unable to derive any benefits from them in real time, given the restrictions of their current systems. Coherent, real-time and operationally-enabled intelligence from the data will allow banks to serve their customers better while improving their risk management. Read more.

reduction in OpEx for one of the largest brokerage firms in the US
Case study

A leading Retail Bank in the Middle East

Transform information into intelligence

A leading bank in the Middle East discusses experience with SunTec

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by offering targeted products in real time with a low turnaround time

One of the biggest challenges banks face today is their inability to stand out in an increasingly commoditised and competitive marketplace. The look and feel of banking products has remained largely the same, with very little innovation forged in terms of linking products across traditional silos. Attempts of price differentiation have been curtailed by regulatory pressures that are keeping rates universally low. For banks seeking to delight their customers, a broad strategy of customer centricity should be adopted. Read more.

NK’s interview on Finextra

Case study

Celent Model Bank Award for ABSA

Targeted offerings result in lower customer attrition

reduction in bill generation cycle for one of the largest Indian retail bank