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Gain Competitive Agility

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by offering targeted products in real time with a low turnaround time

reduction in the billing cycle for one of the largest Indian retail bank

One of the biggest challenges banks face today is their inability to stand out in an increasingly commoditised and competitive marketplace. The look and feel of banking products has remained largely the same, with very little innovation forged in terms of linking products across traditional silos. Attempts of price differentiation have been curtailed by regulatory pressures that are keeping rates universally low.

Very few banks have become truly innovative in developing and delivering new products and services. Even fewer are connecting with customers in a personalised way as the role of branches continues to diminish. While banks have succeeded in expanding delivery options, the result has been a banking experience that is more complex and less personalised than it has ever been. The need to drive high value customer relationships is increasing the complexity of financial services decision making.

Xelerate supports maneuvering the levers behind positive customer experience with contextual offers

For banks seeking to provide, engage, excite and delight their customers, a broad strategy of customer centricity should be the goal. Success in customer centricity can only occur through a holistic knowledge of customers’ relationships with the bank and an ability to develop and offer personalised products and services to suit their profile.

SunTec provides a revenue management solution that can access and analyse customer data, integrating seamlessly with legacy systems, providing a quick way for banks and financial services providers to support the adoption of dynamic relationship-based pricing.

SunTec’s real-time offer management capability empowers banks to draft a strategy that lays out preferential pricing frameworks and segment-based prioritisation. Contextual and personalised products ensure that customers are presented with offerings best suited to them even as it helps fulfill their financial needs and better channel access. The resulting customer delight and financial empowerment helps banks forge a strong bond with customers, thus helping redefine customer experience positively.

Xelerate equips banks with the business agility to respond to competition in a dynamic fashion:

Adapt quickly to changing markets and competition
Launch new products and offers in days
Drive cost savings by increasing efficiencies
Integrate all system information regardless of where it resides
Maximize market share using competitive pricing models
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