Past Events

October 12-15th, 2015


SIBOS 2015

SunTec experts at Sibos discussed about "Offer Services Innovation in Banks – What’s the need of the hour?’ where a panel of industry experts discussed the need for customer-centricity. Max Speur spoke about "Maximising value in the digital ecosystem" through a insightful speaking session.

June 9-10th, 2015

Abu dhabi


SunTec participated in ABTEC 2015 which is the largest and the most prestigious event that convenes the entire Financial technology community across MENA region. SunTec delegates were able to showcase its Loyalty and Revenue management functionalities and network with industry thought leaders and decision makers.

June 1-4th, 2015


TM Forum Live!

SunTec participated in the TM Forum Live 2015 to network with Industry thought leaders and other decision makers where there were multiple sessions on solutions to the various challenges in the market and about various strategy implementations around the industry.

April 14th, 2015


Driving Profitable Growth Through Smart Pricing and Revenue Management:

Deloitte, Ness and SunTec hosted the ‘Driving Profitable Growth through Smart Pricing and Revenue Management’ event at Warsaw on 14th April. Industry leaders from around the world had taken part and shared their views on various aspects of Pricing and Revenue Management. Gordon Gray from SunTec spoke about ‘Expanding pricing effectiveness with gamification from a practitioner and a global enterprise software solution perspective’.

March 2-5th, 2015


Mobile World Congress

SunTec attended the Mobile World Congress to meet, interact and to exchange ideas on the recent trends in the telecom industry. The SunTec team met with telecom service providers, policy makers and clients to discuss on the revenue management and business assurance concepts that are driving the transformation to enable digital businesses.

November 19th & 20th, 2014


Pricing & Billing Conference 2014

SunTec attended the Pricing & Billing Conference 2014 held at Johannesburg where Industry thought leaders and experts gathered from all around the world to discuss their views on the various aspects of Pricing & Billing. Follow the link below to view the presentation from SunTec:

November 11-13th, 2014

Cape Town

LTE Africa 2014

At AfricaCom - LTE Africa 2014, SunTec launched the next generation LTE Monetisation Solution supporting rapid personalisation. We had great discussions on monetisation of LTE, digital services and other next gen services with the whole Africacom community.

November 2-5th, 2014

Washington D.C

AFP Annual Conference 2014

SunTec attended the AFP Annual Conference 2014 held at Washington DC to meet, interact and to exchange ideas on the recent trends in the North American Financial Services Industry. During the event, SunTec discussed how we can enable the Risk free transition from existing legacy Account Analysis systems with the help of our award winning product suite, Xelerate.

October 7th,9th &14th, 2014

Atlanta, San Francisco & Amsterdam

Mass Customisation Leadership Series

Juliet Media organised the invitation-only summits on mass customisation in Atlanta on October 7th, San Francisco on October 9th and Amsterdam on October 14th. The summits, which were hosted by SunTec and supported by the TM Forum and Level 3, were attended by scores of senior executives from communications and financial service providers.

September 29-October 2, 2014


SIBOS 2014

SunTec experts spoke about “Customer value through transparency and Business Assurance”.Gordon gray presented about “Competitive advantage – leave your competitors behind!''. View the panel discussion video on ‘Innovation without disruption“ here.

June 23-25, 2014

LTE World Summit 2014

A team from SunTec attended the event to analyse the key issues that are taking the global LTE market forward in this highly dynamic technology led platform.

June 19, 2014

The 2014 Retail Deposit Optmisation and Management

SunTec's Vice President, Gordon Gray talked about how to Innovative Real-time Offer Management using behavioral economic theories and gamification to drive optimal savings behavior.

June 16-18, 2014

The 2014 Canadian Telecom Summit

SunTec attended the Canadian Telecom Summit to meet, interact and to exchange ideas on the recent trends in the Canadian telecom industry. The SunTec team met with suppliers, policy makers and clients to discuss on the revenue management and business assurance concepts that are driving the transformation to enable digital businesses.

June 2-5, 2014
Nice, France


SunTec participated in the TM Forum Live, Nice 2014 where we demonstrated how our Revenue Management and Business Assurance products could help CSPs transform into a successful digital business. SunTec won the Catalyst award for excellent use of Frameworkx standards and was also nominated as one of the finalists in the TM Forum Excellence Award under Open Digital category.

May 20, 2014
Kuala Lumpur

The Asian Banker Summit

Mr. Gordon Gray, Vice President - Banking and Financial Services Practice, spoke about ‘Realities of Serving SMEs’, the challenges faced by the SMEs and the innovative solutions that Xelerate can offer at the International Banking Conference.

May 14-15, 2014

European Banking Forum

‘A Low Risk/High Return Alternative to Achieving Digital Age Customer Experience’, Mr. Gordon Gray, Vice President - Banking and Financial Services Practice spoke about how the old mode of “rip and replace” should be supplanted by business benefits driven phase-by-phase implementation

May 8, 2014

SunTec Innovative Pricing Forum

An event that brought together leaders from the Financial Services and Communications Services domains and gave insights into how they have collaborated rather than competed, to deliver increased value to their customers.

April 29- May 1, 2014
Los Angels

Cable Show 2014

SunTec participated in the cable show to discuss the recent developments in the digital media, entertainment and internet ecosystem. A team from SunTec actively participated with its clients – leading MSOs in US - and shared business ideas to monetise digital services in the highly dynamic media revolution .

April 29, 2014

SWIFT Business Forum 2014

SunTec recently participated in the SWIFT Business Forum held at London, where professionals from the financial services industry came together to to explore the theme of doing good business. The SunTec team had discussions with leading experts in Financial Services from all over on how to work together to acheive profitability and compliance in the evolving environment.

November, 2013

SunTec Innovative Pricing Forum 2013

An event organised exclusively for the most innovative banks within Turkey to discuss creative ways of driving up their profits and ensuring improved customer retention using personalized offerings.

September 16-19, 2013

SIBOS 2013

We will have many of our experts on hand during Sibos in Dubai and welcome any opportunity to meet with financial institutions looking for Revenue Management and Business Assurance solutions

October 14-17, 2012

AFP Annual Conference

Yet another arena for SunTec to showcase its solution capabilities for the 6,000+ key financial decision-makers attending the premier event for Treasury and Finance- The AFP Annual Conference.

The event offers an opportunity to explore the emerging technologies, trends, services and products driving the industry through original and innovative programming, essential and timely subject matter, and unbiased educational content

October 4-5, 2012
Budapest, Hungary

10th Annual CEE Retail Banking Conference

Anil Sreedhar, Principal- Strategic Product Development delivered the key note session at the 10th Annual CEE Retail Banking Conference- a forum for the CEE‘s dynamic Retail Banking industry to meet, learn, network and plan the future direction.

Anil spoke on “Fostering Retail Banking Profitability through Customer Centric Innovation”, addressing the key challenge that FIs are grappling with- The need to rebuild profitability, with the increased regulatory pressures and changes in banking policies.

September 24-26, 2012
Monte Carlo, Monaco

Finacle Conclave

SunTec took a step forward in it’s partnership with Finacle at the Finacle Conclave- an annual banking thought leadership forum bringing together global thought leaders and visionaries from the banking world to participate in a power-packed highly interactive forum.

Oct 29 – Nov 1, 2012
Osaka, Japan

SIBOS 2012

Join SunTec at SIBOS 2012 – the premier event that brings together influential leaders from financial institutions, market infrastructures, multinational corporations and technology partners to do business and shape the future of the financial industry.