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SunTec Academy

SunTec Academy enables its clients and partners to deploy its products as strategic tools

One of the key success factors for the effective and efficient use of SunTec’s product suite is a good understanding of its functional capabilities. SunTec takes this into consideration while designing its competency development program, which is for its clients and partners. The programmes are designed to introduce the Xelerate product suite and to enable the programme participants to start using Xelerate as a strategic tool for business success.

The programmes will:

• Empowers its clients with the requisite level of knowledge, skills, and competency to effectively manage the deployed solutions, independent of SunTec experts. It provides end-to-end knowledge to the clients to develop product expertise and expand knowledge to fully exploit the capabilities of the product to go beyond the solution boundaries.

• Enables partners of SunTec to provide consultative/sales engagements providing knowledge on the rich set of business features of SunTec’s products. It also enables system integrators to rapidly start deploying solutions around SunTec for their clients

These programmes are targeted at different users within the client and partner teams. They are designed taking into consideration the roles of the users. Different tracks of learning are also conceived to enable the users systematically.

From the client organisations

• Business Managers/Product Managers: Helps them roll out new product offerings and pricing plans to address current and emerging market needs

• IT users: Helps them technically support and configure the product/solution

• Testers: Helps them understand the features and comprehensively test the solution against these

• Trainers: Helps them understand the product or solution end-to-end

From the partner organisations

• Pre-sales team: Helps them understand the product features

• Business development managers: Helps them pitch the product

• Implementation engineers: Helps them implement a solution from the product

Learning options

SunTec supports its partners and clients with different modes of learning for acquiring the SunTec product/solution expertise.

• On-site learning programmes-Training on products/solutions are offered at client and partner premise.

• Hosted learning programmes-Training for Clients and Partners are offered at the SunTec Knowledge Centre in Trivandrum, India

• Web based learning programmes- Overview training are provided on products offered as webcasts

• Certification programmes- Certification programmes stamp the competency of the participant to successfully configure, use and implement SunTec’s products and generate invoices and statements using the standard Xelerate product. The preferred location for the Certification programme is the SunTec Knowledge Centre in Trivandrum, India