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Improve business agility with an advanced integration infrastructure

Current information explosion trends are fuelling the demands of advanced integration infrastructures with the ability to share and synchronise data across different applications and support business intelligence and real time analytics to monitor and improve enterprise-wide business processes.

Xelerate’s Mediation is a Java based, platform independent application with Apache AXIS 2 based web services to support integration with any third party application. Mediation comes with extensive support for multiple communication channels and formats, some of which are:

Communication Channel

Format support


Fixed format ASCII or EBCDIC; Delimited ASCII or EBCDIC; Binary (Bit, BCD, TBCD); XML; MT-MX; Complex Object


Data transfer through data base in ASCII data format.


Data transfer in XML format based on SOAP specification; Java object based interfacing


Fixed format ASCII or EBCDIC; Delimited ASCII or EBCDIC; Binary; XML


Text and Object Messages

Xelerate’s Mediation capabilities come from a versatile, advanced and rule-driven integration tool that enables seamless integration across enterprise-scale systems. It enables data delivery in conventional batch mode as well as in real time and provides message-based integration with legacy systems. Mediation engine comes with extensive ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) capabilities to profile, validate, duplicate, transform, and consolidate various transaction events generated by different source systems and network types.

Control the chaotic and complex data flows across the enterprise systems

Xelerate’s Mediation is equipped with the latest architectural techniques and tools for achieving consistent access to, and delivery of, data across the spectrum of systems in the enterprise to meet the data consumption requirements of all applications and business processes. As organisations seek to control the chaotic and complex data flows across their enterprise systems, Xelerate’s Mediation comes with best-in-class features to enable modern day firms with

The critical features of the Xelerate Mediation engine are:

Consolidation of infrastructure for data integration workloads

Reuse of business rules for data transformation

Opportunity to improve data quality

Greater insight into data flow

Compliance with standards and protocols

Data transformation and cleansing

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