Xelerate – Offer Management

Offer Management

Improve customer lifetime value through customer experience orchestration

In today’s world of increased competition and increasingly discerning customers, enterprises are faced with the challenge of lower customer loyalty and decreased customer lifetime value. If these are not addressed, enterprises will suffer a steady decline in profitability due to customer attrition, inability to maximize revenue from the existing customers and inability to acquire new customers.

With customers as the focal point, enterprises must be able to carry out multichannel and seamless customer experience orchestration to improve customer engagement and increase their lifetime value with the development of innovative offers. Enterprises require a solution which transcends traditional relationship based pricing and encompasses personalised real-time offers. Indeed, enterprises urgently need a solution that enables real time customer experience orchestration.

Improve revenue through end-to-end offer orchestration solution

SunTec’s unique solution enables enterprises to develop real-time customer experience orchestration and offer management. SunTec gives you an end-to-end offer orchestration solution right from offer ideation via real-time customer transaction tracking to offer simulation and testing and allows for offer fulfilment and tracking in real-time. It empowers enterprises with the best business decision making capability by providing historical transaction tracking and alerts as well as innovative offer management which includes real time customer experience orchestration.

Coupled with real-time analysis of customer behaviour, best offers can be developed and launched into the market leading to enhanced customer engagement and increased customer lifetime value which will lead to increased profitability. It also enables the enterprise to discover and define new business opportunities. The solution enables the enterprise to prevent and curb revenue leakage, leading to improved revenue.

Suntec’s Xelerate Solution enables enterprises to develop of four key capabilities that are crucial to an enterprise’s ability to compete in our current world:

Real time Personalized Offers

Real time Customer Experience Orchestration

Real time Pricing & Billing

Real time Data Analytics

Xelerate also enables enterprises to reap the benefits of the solution such as:

Real time Revenue management dashboards with key success metrics

Loyalty programs across product and business lines

Shifting from reactive customer insights to proactive customer insights

Reduced time to market for new innovative offers