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SunTec creates exceptional value for the customer with relationship-based pricing

Organisations are operating in an era of declining profitability, increasing risk and tougher competitive play. Relationship-based pricing (RBP) enables firms to shift from a product-based approach to a customer-centric strategy, rewarding customers for total relationship value and loyalty. It gives enterprises the ability to provide personalised pricing and tailored products to customers based on various attributes.

By analysing customer and transaction data in real-time business users are equipped to implement, simulate and launch multiple pricing strategies that help the organisation achieve its business objectives. RBP also help enterprises identify profitable cross-sell and up-sell opportunities across product silos, at price points that benefit both the customers and the firms.

Flexible and modular architecture enables enterprises to configure all pricing attributes independently

Xelerate's Pricing components include customer relationship profiles, product and customer costing, credit quality and risk rating, loyalty assessment and pricing calculations. Xelerate, with its highly- modular and flexible architecture, enables business users to configure all pricing attributes such as pricing methodologies, pricing schemes, and computation types independently.

Xelerate’s Pricing can receive service events in any formats from various systems through an SOA-run interface. It is also based on multiple tiers and parameters, including customer segment, product, transaction volume, amount, time and day. Basic calculations include flat rate fees, tiered rate fees, interest rates and volume discounts. It also facilitates complex pricing formulae with user-defined and dynamic parameters.

The critical features of the Xelerate pricing engine are:

Multi-perspective pricing to compute fees for clients and partners from a single transaction

Calculation of economic benefit of long-term customer relationships

Dynamic product bundling

Rule configuration based on exceptions

Condition-based Pricing

Support for transaction suspension, reprocessing, and re- pricing

Flexible tariff modeling based on transaction channel, location and time

Global liquidity tracking and consolidation in real-time

Calculation, review and modification of fee schemes across customer and product hierarchy

Easily configurable interfaces to integrate with legacy and modern systems

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