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 Value Monitor

Drive price optimisation strategies and improve profitability with interactive business dashboards

Xelerate's Value Monitor provides real time customer value-based business intelligence which enables decision makers at different levels in the organisation to design and implement customer-centric product and pricing strategies.

The effectiveness of business dashboards relies on the scope and speed of data analytics. Xelerate's Value Monitor is a comprehensive dashboard engine capable of consolidating data from multiple sources (including other business intelligence systems) to provide comprehensive customer insight in real time.

The Value Monitor dashboard enables businesses to track, consolidate and categorise customer behaviour. Executives can quickly obtain analysis of historical data, trends, and planned-versus-actual outcomes with interactive and drilled-down views essential to building a price optimisation strategy.  It also enables personalised, secure, and role-based experiences. End users can customise the interface with their choice of layouts, graphics and attributes.

Improve accuracy of forward planning and projections with Xelerate’s Value Monitor

Xelerate's Value Monitor comprises of revenue/benefit analysis and customer relationship value monitor It provides a holistic view of revenue, benefits and volume, allowing organisations to analyse business that has already been conducted in order to take strategic decisions. Revenue analysis monitors gauge the top performing customers and products by grouping total revenue incurred by the business, in different perspectives.

The value monitoring capabilities give enterprises the confidence to make accurate and effective mission critical decisions, as well as to:

Respond quickly to market needs through real time trend analysis

Improve speed and accuracy of forward planning and projections

Identify and leverage champion regional or product strategies

Enhance customer relationship management and build effective loyalty programs

Reduce customer churn and revenue leakage

Identify new revenue streams and maximise profit margins


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