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Digital and Communications Services

Xelerate Digital Services comprises an advanced product suite enabling communication services providers (CSP) to achieve high-performance. Revenue management and business assurance capabilities of the Xelerate product suite enable CSPs to orchestrate and monetise digital services and manage multiple partnerships. Xelerate Digital Services is industry-agnostic and supports numerous business and billing models. It also enables quick delivery of services to today’s world of demanding customers. It is built for high volume transaction processing with little or no investment in additional hardware. The product also handles real- time data analytics, essential for any service provider to draw in siloed data from across their IT infrastructure.

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Product Offerings for Digital and Communications Services

growth in number of customers achieved in a year by our client
products launched in a year with Xelerate compared to 20 before
reduction in implementation cost achieved per country by our client

Digital Services for Cable

Industry is moving towards disruptive business models and innovative monetisation designs owing to convergence of industries and rapid changes in the nature of digitalisation. The demand for real-time, transparent and high quality services are the challenges MSOs have to take up to build trust and keep customers happy.

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Cable Operators Ride the Digital Wave to New Revenue Streams

Digital Services for Mobile

The 360-degree connected digital lifestyle and the ‘internet of things’ have caused a huge surge in the number of connected mobile devices. The number is expected to grow from 9 billion to 24 billion by 2020. This calls for large volume of transactions to be processed across channels.

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Digital Services for Converged

Technological convergence faces new challenges with the advent of digitalisation and the predominance of digital devices and content sources. It is opening up new revenue streams for communications service providers (CSP) and other industries.

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The 2nd Largest Content Provider in India