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Digital Services for Cable

Cable MSOs face high customer churn due to wide availability of free online and over-the-top content

Digital Services Industry is moving towards disruptive business models and innovative monetisation designs owing to convergence of industries and rapid changes in the nature of digitalisation. The demand for real-time, transparent and high quality services are the challenges MSOs have to take up to build trust and keep customers happy.

MSOs can achieve the required Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), meeting the industry challenges through successful partnerships with other sectors. This will enable them to launch innovative products that enhance customer experience.

Xelerate’s integrated revenue and customer management solutions help reduce the time-to-market improving customer retention

Xelerate enables MSOs to orchestrate and monetise their digital services with a flexible subscriber and revenue management solution. Xelerate’s highly flexible and scalable feature help MSOs meet the challenges of the next generation market. Its end-to-end convergent pricing and billing capabilities also enable efficient multi-partner management.

Xelerate’s high volume processing engine, helps equip MSOs with strategic revenue management tools to identify the most valuable customers based on long term profitability. This will help reward valuable customers with context-based offers in real-time ensuring customer loyalty, and prevent customer churns.

The open architecture and modular design of Xelerate Digital Services allows for easy implementation, either as a standalone application or as an integrated solution. The flexibility to integrate with external systems of different partners significantly reduces time-to-market, improving the ARPU.

Xelerate Digital Services provides the following benefits:

Seamless subscriber management

Comprehensive management of service offerings

Convergent Pricing and Billing across products and services

Partner management and settlement

Comprehensive customer self-care

End-to-end inventory management

Collection and Mediation

Policy management


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