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Digital Services for Converged

Interlinking between traditional industries, content sources and technological capabilities drive new revenue streams

Technological convergence faces new challenges with the advent of digitalisation and the predominance of digital devices and content sources. It is opening up new revenue streams for communications service providers (CSP) and other industries.

Consider the ‘connected car’ ecosystem, where each car is connected through wireless network provided by the CSP to the maintenance system of the car manufacturer. A user who wishes to check the car’s health can request a report through his connected car or mobile phone, which will get delivered to the latter. The same information is shared with the insurance provider, who fixes the insurance premium based on the car’s performance and health.

Hence, partnerships with other industries have become essential to CSPs for adding new revenue streams. Moreover, they are faced with the opportunity for creating a competitive advantage and driving Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) by becoming an innovative and customer-centric converged player.

Xelerate Digital Services enable monetising any digital service over any network

SunTec's Xelerate Digital Services for Converged render CSPs’ core architecture capable of integrating with their partners’ existing IT systems. This helps create a new digital service enablement layer to organise and monetise new products and services.

Xelerate provides converged real-time rating and charging engine capable of monetising traditional services (voice, text and data) and digital services like machine to machine (M2M), cloud, IPTV, VoD, mobile payments and IP broadband over any network, including cable, 4G and LTE, mobile, and fixed line.

The new age of digitalisation demands a leaner, sharper and more connected environment that enables quick launching of services and efficient scaling. A single view of the customer and a holistic control of each product are required. Xelerate was conceived and developed with these requirements in mind and it has proven itself in replacing under-performing OSS/BSS layers for numerous CSPs.

Key differentiators of Xelerate Digital Services for Converged:

Metadata model exchange across architectural and business boundaries

High-speed and high-volume transaction processing

Real- time data analytics to provide context-based experience

Industry-agnostic platform supporting business models from any industry

Support to different unconventional pricing models

Case study

The 2nd Largest Content Provider in India

NK’s discussion with DigiVive’s CEO

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