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Digital Services for Mobile

The challenges in effective digital services management creates competitive disadvantage for mobile service providers

The 360-degree connected digital lifestyle and the internet of things have caused a huge surge in the number of connected mobile devices. The number is expected to grow from 9 billion to 24 billion by 2020. This calls for large volume of transactions to be processed across channels.

Limited flexibility of existing legacy systems makes it difficult to seamlessly integrate with partner systems across OTT and VAS players to meet the increasing demand for new digital services. This causes revenue loss as well as increased customer churn putting communication service providers at a competitive disadvantage.

A multifunctional digital services application delivers an enhanced connected digital lifestyle for customers

SunTec's Xelerate Digital Services, an open platform with service-oriented architecture, enables communication service providers (CSPs) to successfully provide the most modern digital services. The product is capable of seamlessly integrating with their existing system alongside other systems like CRM and ERP, reducing implementation costs and facilitating faster time-to- market.

Xelerate's powerful transaction processing engine can handle huge volumes of data with little or no investment in additional hardware. Its real-time data analytics feature helps CSPs build a 360-degree view, providing real-time information to customers and partners. This will also help CSPs provide personalised, context-based offers to customers, enhancing their connected digital lifestyle.

Xelerate Digital Services enables CSPs to offer centralised converged pricing and billing across multiple services. The IT capital and operational expenditure for maintaining different billing systems for each service offering can be considerably reduced.

Xelerate Digital Services can support non-traditional pricing and multiparty value chains and enable effective multi-partner management. It allows CSPs to:

Improve business process management through efficient use of workflow and flexible UIs

Charge in online and offline modes simultaneously across many services

Create innovative product bundles

Build a catalogue view of all products with personalised prices attached

Perform error- free high volume transaction processing

Enable plug and play partner products through standard APIs

Mike Glunn speaks on innovation in service provisioning

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