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Financial Services

Xelerate is an advanced revenue management and business assurance platform, designed to help financial services providers to enable top- line revenue growth, maximise profitability and manage risks better while transforming into a customer-centric approach. SunTec’s deep understanding of the financial services industry has led us to create a bottom-up service- oriented architecture (SOA) platform that can access, analyse and report customer, product and transaction data from multiple data sources in real-time. Performing customer data integration to create a single-view of the customer, Xelerate allows financial institutions to become far more customer centric, improving customer service and customer loyalty and maximising customer life- time value.

An Overview of Xelerate

Product Offerings for Financial Services

customer growth across 3 lines of business
4 billion
transactions at one of the largest card service providers customer growth across 3 lines of business
reduction of customer complaints and enquiries

Corporate Banking

The corporate banking world is experiencing unprecedented challenges and individual banks face immense pressure from all directions including customers, non-conventional competitors, governments and regulators. The worst of the global financial crisis is over but the pressure on banks to reduce and streamline fees for corporate services continue to grow.

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Retail Banking

As consumer behaviour changes rapidly, trust, quality of service and transparency are the key to success in modern retail banking. The ability to provide instant delivery of personalised offerings and bundles underpinned by business assurance and complex revenue management is a challenge for most Product Managers and Relationship Managers in banks.

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Investment Management

The financial crisis has transformed the investment services industry in large and small ways. Waves of mergers and consolidations have been followed by an extended period of conservative behaviour and strict budget constraints. Challenging economic, political and regulatory conditions have dramatically reduced fee income and net interest income in the investment services industry, while increasing capital requirements.

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Revenue Management and Business Assurance

Card Services

The payment processing industry is driven by partner relationships both upstream and downstream, as well as new technology, including payment options such as mobile payments, online currencies and near field communication. The result is a payment processing landscape that is increasingly complex, with a large number of payment companies processing a greater quantity of transactions.

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Revenue Management and Business Assurance