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Xelerate helps maximise revenue and minimise risk for corporate banks

The corporate banking world is experiencing unprecedented challenges and individual banks face immense pressure from all directions including customers, non-conventional competitors, governments and regulators.

The worst of the global financial crisis is over but the pressure on banks to reduce and streamline fees for corporate services continue to grow. Regulators are also making banks hold more capital, limiting lending. The complexity of corporate banking services, compounded by the vagaries of legal jurisdictions, aged core banking systems and supposedly complementary legacy systems, leaves corporate bankers with little room to manoeuvre.

Xelerate enables automated real-time handling of relationship-based pricing

Xelerate provides revenue management and business assurance capabilities for commercial and corporate banks. Based on service-oriented architecture (SOA), it integrates with existing core banking and legacy systems, without any implementation disturbance. It is a highly scalable platform that has the power to process data across millions of corporate customers and billions of transactions. Xelerate currently handles over 14 billion transactions from 290 million end customers.

Providing a 360 degree view of corporate banking customers it allows automated consolidated billing, proactive customer loyalty programs and enterprise value management. In tandem with its ability to provide a single product view, Xelerate for corporate banking also enables enterprise-wide pricing and billing solutions.

Its powerful modeling capabilities even supports automated real-time handling of relationship-based pricing that allows innovative product bundling, complex negotiated pricing, enhanced risk management strategies, regulatory compliance and full transparency.

So, what do you gain by partnering with SunTec:

Better competitive agility to respond to the market

Improved customer retention through enhanced customer satisfaction

Increased customer wallet share through cross-sell and up-sell

Increased operational efficiency with automated business processes

Ability to manage offers end-to-end

Freedom to define your business processes in any way

Zero revenue leakage with proactive SLA monitoring

Ability to take real-time decisions based on analytics

Joint speaking session at Sibos- SunTec and Lloyds

Please contact SunTec to find out more about how Xelerate, the revenue management and business assurance platform, can benefit corporate bankers.