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Xelerate enables true customer centricity by putting customer in the heart of decision making

As consumer behaviour changes rapidly, trust, quality of service and transparency are the keys to success in modern retail banking. The ability to provide instant delivery of personalised offerings and bundles underpinned by business assurance and complex revenue management is a challenge for most Product Managers and Relationship Managers in banks. Putting the customer at the heart of decision making is the first step in the long journey towards true customer centricity.

Most retail banks change their pricing practices either under regulatory pressure or as a reaction to competition. However, innovative revenue management models can be used to boost profitability at the same time without sacrificing on customer experience. Innovative pricing is all about pricing your products and services based on the value customers derive from it. To effectively innovate in the field of revenue management, retail banks need to develop truly segmented value propositions.

Xelerate enables retail banks to price their products innovatively and effectively

Built on a highly flexible and scalable platform featuring a technology-agnostic, service- oriented architecture (SOA) that works with legacy systems, Xelerate handles, aggregates and processes high volumes of billing and non-billing customer data from multiple sources including live profitability views, to make decisions in real-time, enriching the customer experience.

Xelerate ensures an omni-channel experience across all touch-points with the customer while bringing down cost-to-serve by rewarding ‘good behaviour’ and penalising ‘bad behaviour’ through pricing. Also Xelerate has a superb modelling capability that can help banks understand the segments of customers based on their previous usage or industry data and help banks come up with personalised offers with correct price points.

Xelerate enables banks to automate all processes while giving them a holistic view across regions and business lines to help shorten time-to- market. The scale of operations is also a major concern when operational agility is of utmost importance. Xelerate is built on a platform which is highly scalable. One of our clients runs 4 billion transactions per month using Xelerate with a peak volume of 100 million transactions per day. Xelerate, with its flexible platform, enables banks to centralise their operations while retaining regional flavour at each branch.

By partnering with SunTec, you will get:

Increased customer satisfaction by providing omni-channel experience

Greater flexibility to formulate any kind of business rule

Increased wallet-share through cross-sell and up-sell

Increased customer trust by greater transparency

Rapid launch of innovative products and offers

Rapid implementation with immediate benefits

A leading retail bank in Middle East

Please contact SunTec to find out more about how Xelerate can enable true customer centricity and transform the profitability of retail banking..