Lte Monetisation Solution

LTE Monetisation solution

Achieving profitability is one of the key challenges of the CSPs offering LTE services

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) must make huge investments to roll out LTE services in the market. Outlay includes expenditure on spectrum, infrastructure and other overheads and operational expenses, without any guarantee that LTE services can be made profitable.

Another challenge faced by the CSPs is driving adoption rates of LTE services amongst customers – in many geographies, adoption rates have been minimal. This is mainly due to lack of incentives to the customers to move away from 3G coupled with the high price of 4G and the investment in device which they have to make.

CSPs are also facing increasing threats from OTT players to the extent that it is affecting their revenues. But at the same time, CSPs need OTT players to drive up their data consumption and to increase adoption of their services. This has put the CSPs in a catch 22 situation

SunTec’s LTE monetisation solution enables CSPs to monetise their services by supporting innovative pricing models

To drive profitability, CSPs need to be able to monetise their services better. Traditional pricing models – access subscription plus minutes, texts and megabytes do not support efficient monetisation. Innovative pricing strategies can help CSPs in monetising the services. To enable this, CSPs need management systems which are flexible enough to support complex pricing models. Examples include partnership pricing incentives that encourage OTT players to work with rather than over the top of the CSP. For instance, a movie content distributor could sell its latest blockbuster with the CSP and offer a reduced or zero bandwidth consumption to view it. Alongside traditional pricing models, SunTec product suite Xelerate supports advanced pricing options through its extremely flexible pricing capabilities.

To increase adoption of LTE services, CSPs need to give customers compelling reasons. CSPs can look at promotional offers, innovative bundles, discounts and other such techniques which will attract more customers. SunTec helps CSPs in offering a wide range of price points and models which can accommodate promotions, discounts, bundles and much more. On top of that, a sophisticated offer management system from SunTec can infer associated offers based on previous purchases, location, time-of-day, device and virtually any other combination of parameters available.

CSPs lose a lot of their revenue to the OTT players but still they need their partnerships to grow their own businesses. They need to be able to collaborate for content and other offerings which can drive LTE to success. CSPs need systems which enables rapid and effective partnerships enabling introduction of accelerated offers and services to the market.

Some of the key features of SunTec’s LTE Monetisation solution are:

  • Real-time convergent charging and policy controller
  • Support for real-time, context-based advanced pricing plans 
  • Innovative pricing, bundling and discounting
  • End-to-end partner management and settlement
  • Centralised product catalogue with a 360-degree view of the product
  • Converged solution across all services and customer segments

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