SunTec demonstrates digital services monetisation in NFV ecosystem at TM Forum Live 2014

SunTec demonstrates digital services monetisation in NFV ecosystem at TM Forum Live 2014

The catalyst demonstrates how an NFV ecosystem enables service providers to reduce their network expenditure, improve agility and launch and monetise new digital services quickly using TM Forum Standards

May, 2014: Mobile Operators’ networks are traditionally populated with a large and increasing variety of proprietary hardware appliances. To launch a new service often requires yet another variety and modifying the existing boxes. Moreover, hardware-based appliances rapidly reach end of life, requiring the mobile operators to repeat the design- integrate-deploy cycle with little or no revenue benefit. Thus the service providers are finding it increasingly difficult to justify the business case for launching new digital services.

Also as the product lifecycles become shorter as technology and services innovation accelerates, the existing legacy network systems inhibits the roll out of new revenue earning services and constrains innovation. The new digital world requires a new and innovative approach to overcome the issues. To address this, SunTec collaborated with AT &T, Telecom Italia and leading vendors to demonstrate the game-changing potential of NFV deployment in the new digital world.

The dramatic change in economic cost of a network managed from the cloud rather than intelligence distributed around the edge is compelling on its own, but the real benefit will come from a radical increase in agility – the capacity to adapt to changing market conditions and shifts in demand which the new Open Digital Ecosystem will generate.

Exploring the new ETSI-led MANO standard, the Catalyst will test the new protocols designed to allow core network functions and service control functions AAA, PCRF and PCEF out of proprietary hardware and software and deploy them in highly virtualized cloud environments. SunTec has been involved with TM forum in developing the Open Digital APIs and setting up the partner management framework in TR211 Business Partnering Guide. This expertise and experience has enabled SunTec to be a key innovation partner in the NFV management ecosystem catalyst.

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