Xelerate PureApp Integration

PureApp Integration

Xelerate-PureApp Integration

SunTec and IBM combine their strength and expertise to launch a pre-integrated version of SunTec’s flagship revenue management product, Xelerate. Xelerate is now available within the PureApp system of IBM making it easier for clients to derive the benefits of both systems.

Xelerate uses the Virtual System Pattern offered by IBM’s PureApp system. Xelerate's deployment architecture involves a native component and a few more client specific components. Hence the virtual system pattern is specifically developed for Xelerate deployment. The pattern involves the components like WAS cluster nodes and DB2 server node.

Thus the virtual system required for Xelerate deployment is provisioned. It provides the option of defining the scalability of the instances during the time of deployment – which means it can be configured exactly according to the needs of the client. Further, the Xelerate installation and configuration requirement is automated such that most of the activities are completed during the VM provisioning phase.

All of these are completed as part of the Xelerate pattern deployment, and thus ensure the completion of most of the deployment requirements. Rest of the Xelerate installation is completed through the provisioned environment.

The Xelerate Pattern for IBM PureApplication System will be soon available for download.

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Advantages of using PureApp:

DB2 User creation is automated in the IBM PureApp procedure, along with password changes

Cataloging and configuration of database is automated in IBM PureApp

Xelerate is present on the server in the form of a plug-in

The DB2 Instance and the WAS Profile get created with choice of cluster or single

When the instance or profile is created, the details are automatically stored e.g. host name, instance name, profile name, etc.

This is over and above the typical or custom installation in Xelerate

With IBM PureApp, existing setups can be cloned

Learn more about IBM PureSystem at:www.ibm.com/puresystems/centre.


Please contact SunTec to find out more about how Xelerate, the revenue management and business assurance platform, can benefit you.